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17. Alpha. Can't resist keeping people safe.
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After Jackson’s transformation, the other Beserkers released him and circled Scott’s table. Jackson walked around the table, holding the boy’s shoulders down as the Beserkers started to put the armor on the young boy. And it wasn’t long until he was watching Kate put the helmet on top of the True Alpha’s head. 

"I want the two of you to kill Kira," Kate said with a smirk, letting her hands run over their bone covered bodies. And suddenly, Jackson had a unseeingly amount of rage for this woman. A woman he didn’t even know. He nodded his head and started making his way to her little prison cell after Kate told them where she is. You coming? Jackson asked Scott mentally. 

The Beserkers couldn’t talk out loud thanks to the Helmets, however the magic in the armor allows them to talk to each other via their minds. 

All of Kira’s flaws raced through his head, and all of her strengths suddenly twisted into points of hatred and rage. She wasn’t protecting anyone from the beserkers by drawing her blade, she was attacking his brethren without good cause. She needed to be taken out before she caused even more harm.

With a low rumble, he pushed past Jackson, following Kate to where she had Kira tied up. When Kate finished her little speech, Scott drew his bone dagger and slid it into her stomach. He watched with satisfaction as she cried out in pain, his bloodlust sated for for now.

He reclaimed his dagger, earning another cry before he turned back to Jackson, canting his head. Hesitating?

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Jackson rolled over in bed, sprawling on top of Scott and yawning sleepily. "G'morning babe."
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Scott whined, wrapping his arms around Jackson and rolling them back over, burying his face in Jackson’s neck and just grunting.

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             ❛No, Scott I get it. I do. ❜

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do this, he would love to especially if it made Scott happy. It was simply down to the fact that, his self esteem was at an all time low, as always, and seeing himself in that situation didn’t sound all that appealing.  Not for him. 

❛I love you. And I want to make you happy, but—- how about we leave the whole, seeing the face that gets you off to you. I don’t need to see it. And if you’re feeling like you need to do these kinds of things to keep me… I dunno, interested or something, trust me when I tell you, I’m interested, more than I should be, and it only grows more every day.❜

He would mention that the sex was amazing but that wasn’t why he was here, or why he liked Scott, but, if he knew anything about his—— whatever he was, it was that, sex was important to him and he didn’t want to risk upsetting him in any way.


Scott started, giving in to Stiles’ wish. He didn’t mind not using the mirror if Stiles didn’t want to, he just thought it could be fun. He was definitely wanting to mix things up to keep Stiles interested - there was no denying the worry that Stiles may get bored if they kept doing the same thing, but that wasn’t the whole reason behind it.

It didn’t take a genius to see that Stiles had confidence issues from time to time, and he was perfectly aware that his lack of preparation for — this — and all the things it entailed was probably only making that situation worse. He just wanted to boost Stiles’ confidence. He deserved that, especially for being so accommodating to him now that he was at least putting more effort into it. 

"You do realize that you - y’know - do it for me, right? I mean, yeah, your personality’s awesome. I love being around you all the time because you’re great and you’re hilarious and smart and stuff, but I mean your body. It’s good. Great. I like it. All of it."

He was very aware of the fact that he sounded like an idiot, but he how did he tell Stiles that he thought he was hot? It wasn’t like he wanted to call him pretty or beautiful or something he’d call a girl. It wasn’t like he wanted to parade him around in a dress or something. Stiles was a dude. A good looking dude. A really good looking dude.

He felt so out of his depth with this.

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More than just lacrosse gear in the closet


Isaac just stared at the wall for a moment. “Can we rent the new captain america movie on Tuesday and watch it after practice?” He asked as he turned his head to look up at the other boy. “I think that would be a great date night.”

"Yes." Scott said immediately. He was happy to get Isaac out of his house as often as he possibly could. Away from his father and into a place where he feel completely secure.

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The rest of class was a blur going by as he was pretending to be focused, but he really wasn’t at all. As the bell rang he quickly put his stuff away before looking up to see Scott standing there, as he shook his head he stood up beside him before knocking into his shoulder slightly.

              “Wipe that stupid grin off of your face,
or everyone will totally suspect something.”

Scott leaned towards Liam, brushing a hand over his hip with that grin still resting on his lips.

"I don’t care if they suspect there’s something between us. They just don’t need to know I got you off in the middle of class." He whispered in reply, his eyes searching the younger boy’s.

"Want me to walk you to your next class?"

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Good news?


        He was managing to ignore Liam pretty well, even when he saw the other shift uncomfortably on the couch’s leather surface. It wasn’t that he didn’t care—- okay, it was exactly because he didn’t care, but who could blame him when Scott was right up against him, handing him the affection he had been wanting all night. If he could just get Scott hard, then he could get everything he wanted—- Or not.

       As the Alpha removed himself from his seat, Liam claiming that this part scared him, Jackson reaches out to attempt to halt this from occurring, but Scott was already at the other boy’s side, putting a strong arm over him. Rolling his eyes, he tilted his head back and sighed, speaking from his mind, “Or you could just suck it up because it’s only a movie.” Oops. Wonder where that filter had gone…

Scott threw a glare over at Jackson, pulling Liam against his chest. “Jackson.” Scott hissed, brushing a hand through the smaller male’s hair. He was surprised at Jackson’s callousness, huffing out a sigh.

Liam pulled away from Scott, sitting up and crossing his arms indignantly over his chest. “No, it’s fine, Scott. He’s right. It’s just a movie. I can deal.” Though it didn’t stop him from throwing an angry glance in Jackson’s direction. Scott sighed and sat on the couch next to Liam, uncomfortably saddled between his friend and his boyfriend.

He wasn’t even sure what his life was becoming right now. Couldn’t he just have nice things?

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      He remained almost unresponsive to Scott’s touches, a simple glare painting his features as he spaced out on the hardwood flooring. he was doing his best to think rationally, but he couldn’t pretend this was okay. They couldn’t just forget about Trevor, and Scott probably wasn’t even considering that the police might come after him if Trevor pressed charges. There were things he needed to think about, but he was suddenly too afraid to let the alpha go. Jackson wanted him here because he already forgave him. 

       And then Scott spilled his heart out, coming clean about all his internal trauma, all the shit that they’ve both gone through, and how he was reverted back to those harsh memories. “What Trevor said was wrong, and frankly, if you would have let me, I could have taken care of that myself.” Meaning, he would have told Trevor off without doing bodily harm. “Scott, he could never steal me away from you. He was hardly my boyfriend anyway. He was an poor attempt to move on, but that doesn’t mean he deserved what you did to him.”

      Finally, he reaches forward, long tendrils slipping onto Scott’s thigh, a thumb stroking the rough material of his jeans. “I love you. More than I’d like to sometimes,” he admitted, eyes now locked on his alpha’s soft gaze. 

Scott chewed on his bottom lip. Jackson was a blessing and he was lucky to have him. He knew that. Maybe there was a part of him that knew he really was a crap boyfriend and that Jackson really did deserve better fueling his need to take Trevor out of the picture. But nothing had succeeded in taking Jackson away from him yet. He wouldn’t let anything succeed, either.

He toed off his shoes quietly, deciding that maybe just slipping into their bed was the best option. Space was worse for them than anything. Everything got better when they were in close contact. The alpha slid into bed with Jackson and put an arm around his waist, dipping low to make sure he didn’t hit anything that might cause his beloved pain.

"I love you too." He replied, kissing the corner of Jackson’s mouth. "And I know I should be, but I’m not sorry for hurting him. Maybe a little after I lost control. Definitely for making you shift and hurting you. But he deserved that first punch."

Scott wouldn’t let go of that belief. But for Jackson, anything. “If you want me to, though, we can go find him after you’re healed and I’ll apologize.”

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