Scott McCall
17. Alpha. Can't resist keeping people safe.
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I wanted some files on Derek Hale, but some stupid deputy keeps getting in my way, can you help?

What do you want with Derek’s files?

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"Noooo! I will have the bed! You owe me the bed for falling asleep on me!"

He tried his best to get out of the others grip though it was no use. Scott was definitely stronger than him and he could only give into him. Though he had come up with a plan to get out. Quickly contorting his face into a pout he had attempted to make himself cry, before letting a sob come from his mouth.

"You owe me for waking me up!"

Scott definitely wasn’t going to give in.

Only that’s exactly what he was going to do because holy shit, did he actually hurt his little beta? He released Liam from his grasp at the first sign of a sob.

"Liam?" He asked, stroking his hand through his beta’s hair. "What’s wrong?"

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Hey Scott, its Ian, from psych class, i was wondering if you could help me with a project, i want to psychoanalyze some of the people from the police files

Police files? What police files?

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Pack Ties


"Maybe I just like your company.."

He was quickly losing his cool, and he knew that Scott could tell. He was winning at this moment, and Liam mentally cursed himself for that. Though he couldn’t help it, the feel of the other against him was too good for him to let go.

"You more than like my company. Don’t you?"

He asked with a smirk, shifting so that he wasn’t just pinning Liam down anymore. He pulled Liam’s arms around his neck and freed the beta up enough so that he could wrap his legs around his waist as well if he wanted.

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Liam had expected Scott to jump on his though he still let out a small yelp before letting his own arms wrap around the boy as well. Smiling up at him he couldn’t help to smile around Scott, he had made him feel so happy and it was really the greatest thing in the world. Rolling around the bed, he hadn’t even noticed when they were at the edge. As he leaned up he was going to kiss the other though he’d lost his balance and went toppling down onto the floor, bringing Scott with him. He was sure the noise would draw Melissa too the room, if she was home, though Liam hadn’t cared at this moment as he could only laugh.

Scott rolled off of Liam once they were on the floor, laughing hysterically. He’d seen Liam’s endgame. Hell, he’d even been about to lean into it before his beta’s eyes went wide as fell to the floor with a heavy thud. He rolled to face Liam, catching him in a headlock and scraping his knuckles against the younger man’s scalp. “Now no one gets the bed!”

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"Well they had to be extremely stupid, and you could’ve called Isaac or Derek or anyone here."

"But they’re not super."

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[ text ] well I took up running after I left.

[ text ] made it a little bubble and muscular.

[ text ] you should come and inspect it yourself, Alpha.

[text] I’d forgotten how eager you were

[text] I always liked that about you.

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                  “—Me too.” Ugh, this is the part he wants— the peace.

Scott pressed into the kiss. He’d never get tired of the curve of Jackson’s lips. He pulled back just to hear it again. Maybe he’d been too soft on Jackson. Did he want someone more demanding? He’d try anything for Jackson. “Ask again.”

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"Of course I do, otherwise I’m cranky; you know that."

Smiling at the other he watched his hand come down as he took it before pulling Scott down onto the couch before spurting off of the couch and running up the stairs. He knew that Scott could easily catch up to him, though he hadn’t cared as he continued running up the stairs and into the boys room before falling onto the bed and spreading out — taking up all of the space.

"Liam!" Scott yelled, jumping off of the couch and chasing after his beta. He could have easily caught up to Liam, but instead, he let Liam win this one. It wasn’t fun to win all the time. But he did jump on top of Liam, wrapping himself tightly around his beta and rolling to the edge of the bed with him.

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           ”You did nothing wrong. He’s an ass.” And he didn’t have a Caliber. Winchester Rifle actually. “Kiss me?”


"Don’t lie to me, Jackson. We both know I’ve done a lot wrong. Especially to you. I deserved that, Jackson. And you’re worth a hundred more." He grinned and took Jackson’s face in his hands, tilting his head back. "I love it when you ask." He whispered, pressing his lips against Jackson’s.