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17. Alpha. Can't resist keeping people safe.
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        The other smiles as well, nodding to Scott’s question. “You do. Really.” He had more to say, and he could go into detail of how good Scott looked, but it would more than likely be inappropriate, just like his thoughts. Wetting his lips, he looks forward once more before taking another sip of his drink, then turning on the stool because he was tired of the slow conversation. “We can go early, if you want. I’m not opposed to walking around and waiting. I just wasn’t sure what you wanted to do.”

"Well, you look good too." He replied, moving to sit next to Derek and shrugging his shoulders. "We don’t have to go early. I know you didn’t really want to go. I’m glad you agreed to come, though." He replied, fidgeting on his stool to distract himself from the things he could be doing right now. "Better off not getting too comfortable with it, right?"

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Team Captains (◡‿◡✿)

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           ”Yeah, of course,” he replies with a simple nod before taking a swig of his water. Part of him wanted to tell the Alpha that how thankful he was that he was respecting his space, but he didn’t exactly want to step into that right now. Over text had been bad enough. Green hues flicker over to Scott, a smile pressing to his features. “You look really good by the way.” So he decided to just compliment the other, not figuring that was a bad thing at all since it was 100% honesty.

Things were awkward right now. He’d been under the impression that things between them were actually good. Things weren’t too awkward after the deal - and by deal, he meant really great handjob - in the janitor closet. It wasn’t until Derek announced that they weren’t going to date that things started feeling weird. But Derek complimenting him did things to him. He shifted a little, a grin curling his lips as he glanced down at himself. He hadn’t had butterflies like this since Allison. But no one had done anything quite like Derek had done for him either. Even though he didn’t want to date, they were still here, about to go on their first - albeit only - date. And despite everything, Scott was strangely okay with it all. “You think so?” He asked, glancing bashfully up at the older man.

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Good news?


      The moment he felt Scott’s tongue on his neck, he let out a small groan, hands wandering down his Alpha’s body. It was glorious— a body to worship. “If you’re down for another one.” He pushes Scott off him before getting up and shedding his briefs. With one last look down at Scott, Jackson smirks before swaggering towards the bathroom door.

Scott whined as Jackson pulled away from him, scrambling but failing to grab him and pull him back down before he could get out of his reach. He huffed out a sigh and pouted as Jackson sauntered away. God, he loved Jackson and the way he knew exactly how to use his body to make his alpha drool. He pushed to his feet and follow him into the shower. “I can think of a few things I want more of.” He shot back as he pushed to his feet to follow Jackson into the bathroom, losing his shorts as well.

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The cards of fate


        “Oh really?” he asks, eyes now towards the table and the dealer in front of them. He wasn’t that interested in talking, but the man to his left was good looking to say the least, not exactly his type, but nonetheless, a pretty face with some decent taste in clothing, especially for the city of Vega which was full of Tom’s with slicked back hair and a button-up Hawaiian shirt. So, he was definitely worth chatting with. “Me neither.”

          The dealer shuffles the decks for the next game, loading up the shoe that sat on the dealer’s right. When the other man asked if he was an athlete, he smirks and nods, fixing himself inside his seat. “I play Lacrosse at my college. Going Pro. —And maybe, we’ll see.” He pulls out a hundred and tosses it on the table for the dealer to distribute back the amount of chips.

"You don’t really look like someone who’s used to doing much besides winning." Scott replied with a nod. A little ingratiation always seemed to work for this guy’s type. The kind that loved to get worshipped. The kind that might very well end up like his bosses if it weren’t for the fact that he was about to give him a reality check. It was the logic Scott had to use to justify the things he was forced to do. If he wasn’t able to rationalize it somehow, he would have fallen into a depression long ago.

And depression didn’t pay the pile of bills that had his mom working hundred hour work weeks.

"Lacrosse? That’s cool. I used to play back in high school." He commented, watching the dealer give Jackson his chips. Now came the easy part. Scott tossed a chip out onto the table, watching it settle as the dealer dealt their hands. 

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                           Left alone in the bedroom, brows raised and lips still pursed Stiles stared at the now empty spot in front of him where Scott had previously been standing. He huffs out a slight chuckle to himself. realizing just what it is that Scott’s off doing.

Sometimes Stiles had to wonder how on earth he fell for this sex obsessed, mans man over anyone else he had ever met, since, sex wasn’t exactly a huge thing for him and anything remotely manly or ‘man’s work’ wasn’t exactly his forte. Then again, they have always said that opposites attract. 

He walks around the empty space that would soon become their bedroom, long fingers lightly brushing their tips along the newly plastered walls, a smile spreading on his lips at the thought of him and Scott trying to decide on a color, which, he already knew would en up being the two of them arguing for hours, making out and falling asleep, only to wake up and agree that the first option was best. Or that each other’s idea’s were the one they should go for. 

It was strange to think about how much of a ‘couple’ they were when really, they weren’t even close to being that. Scott hasn’t even come out yet, still calls Stiles his ‘buddy’ and only ever acts like they’re together when they’re alone, which is fine, but—— sometimes Stiles wondered why. Why, if they were this good together, was it taking Scott so long to adjust?

It probably had something to do with the fact that he was a man’s man that he was taking so long. He was used to being a man’s man, not a man’s man. But Stiles was definitely winning him over. Everything about this relationship seemed right. The only thing that was throwing him off was that his girlfriend had a penis. A pretty great penis too, when he thought about it, but it was uncharted ground for him.

Was it though? Stiles was the best thing he’d ever dated already whether or not he was a dude. Things were easy and he’d never felt so supported by anyone else. Stiles was willing to keep his mouth closed for him, willing to play the best friend in public and the boyfriend behind closed doors. How many people would manage that so gracefully?

If Stiles were a girl, he’d be head over heels in love. He might even be thinking about getting engaged because Stiles was definitely a keeper. Why else would he be so quick to want to move in with him? Aside from the amazing sex whenever they wanted it. 

It was twenty minutes before Scott came back with a smile on his face, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Why do you still have clothes on?" He teased, wagging his brows at the other man.

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      “No, I don’t — I mean, I don’t know anymore. I don’t think that would ever happen, but he just seemed so confident, and I just — I don’t know. I was being stupid and I’m sorry.”

Frowning then he shifted his gaze away from Scott; not feeling like he was ‘good’ enough to be looking at the older male in this case.

"I can’t help you fix the problem if I don’t know why it’s happening, Liam." He replied, kissing Liam’s forehead.

"Would you rather just go inside so we can talk about your punishment?" He asked, stroking the younger man’s hair gently.

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Good news?


      They both tumble down to the ground rather quietly before Scott began kissing him below the chest. Smiling shamelessly, he lets out a small bit of laughter then trying to wriggle out of Scott’s grip. “Hey. Hey, I haven’t even taken a shower yet. So not fair dude.”

"Just means you taste and smell even better." He cooed, licking up Jackson’s stomach. He followed his midline all the way up, pausing to nip at his throat before he finally moved up to kiss his boyfriend. "Unless that’s an offer for us to shower together."

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Good news?


           ”—Right, yeah, you did promise me.” Now that he comes to think about it. He came here in hopes that Scott would be with him all weekend and last night, Liam had crashed those hopes down. He wasn’t even sure if he’d be spending the night again, but the fact that Scott wanted to pull him into his room right now seemed to excite him. In about an hour, they’d have Jackson’s old bed where they both could finally make memories.

        Before he gets up, he reaches over and squeezes Scott’s own crotch before belining it for his room. “Call a friend, invite them over. We’ll catch you later, Liam.” And then he disappeared into the room.

Scott bit down on his lips, holding back the soft sound that grew in his throat when Jackson touched him in return. he jumped up, turning to follow after Jackson eagerly. This was a time when food wasn’t that important. Not when he’d just seen Jackson give the sexiest display of maturity he’d ever seen in his life.

"We’ll hang out this week, Liam. Sorry, but it’s Jackson time. Do what he said and call some people." He replied, waving at his friend as he darted towards his bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind him before he pounced on Jackson and kissed over his stomach.