Scott McCall
Scott McCall. 17. Werewolf. Stiles' best friend. True alpha. I didn't ask for this. But it gives me a chance to help people. My pack is small, but we'll do whatever it takes to keep our home safe. I don't want you to get hurt.
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Dropping in


Her hips jerked up off the counter as he filled her up, already overly sensitive from her first orgasm, and all of the sex from earlier. Kissing him back hard, Lydia ran her fingers into his hair, keeping him close as she tried to keep from screaming out again. Pulling her lips from his, she pushed herself up on her lower arms to watch him fucking in and out of her tight core. Sex was always amazing with Scott, but after his mouth? She just wanted to melt away.

Scott rocked his hips into her. He was taking this one easy. Instead of the usual feverish pace they established to get to their peak with haste and skill, he took on long, slow strokes to further enhance the pleasure he’d given her with his mouth only moments ago. He licked his lips, grinning as his eyes drifted down, following her gaze to watch his length disappear into her.

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Michael grinned and kicked his legs more. “I’d just climb back in your window.” He hummed, lifting his head he crossed his arms, using them to brace himself. “I’ll ride you all you want when you get home.” He sang. Listening and giggling. “You mean this one?” He asked, scooting down and looking into the camera through his lashes.

Scott rolled his eyes at Michael, groaning softly as the conversation turned to what Michael wanted to do to him. He started his length, drawing out even more silvery precum. “Mickey… Damn, I want you. Show me something? Alpha needs to see his kitten.”

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Harrassment works both ways


"Fuck." His hips jerked suddenly, having not expected Scott to do anything but suck him. "Sorry," he breathed, slowing his hips back down. Well, that was until Scott began to bob his head in tune with him and— my god— that tongue was doing wonders. One hand slipped from the headboard and into Scott’s hair, tangling and pulling roughly.

It wasn’t like him to be rough with a partner, but there was something about Scott which sparked some animalistic need in Isaac, a need to be as rough as possible.

Scott only managed to stop himself from gagging by a hair when Isaac’s hips pushed forward unexpectedly. He pulled off of his cock with a satisfyingly wet smack and ran his tongue over his lips as he looked up at his boss. “Don’t get too eager. It’s been a long time. At least let me warm up.” He cooed, rubbing the head of Isaac’s cock along lips as he spoke to continue giving him pleasure.

"By the way, boss. I’m warmed up now." He hinted, wagging his eyebrows before letting Isaac’s strong hands force him back down. He cupped and caressed Isaac’s balls as he hollowed out his cheeks, sucking eagerly as his tongue danced along his cock.

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Something special


     Jackson’s head dropped, mouth hanging open as a yelp left his lips when Scott drove into him again. Gritting his teeth, he hissed lightly before adjusting his stance just in time before Scott’s hip snapped once again. And again, more harder each time. Jackson reaches back, grabs a fist full of Scott’s hair, yanking him forward a little so his lips could brush against his cheek. “Fuck. Yes.”

Scott growled loudly, his thrusts only growing even more animalistic as Jackson’s hand tightened in his hair, punishing every movement that threatened to stop him from claiming his lover now that they were in this position. A pleased sound emitted from his throat at Jackson’s words, his head turning towards his lover’s lips. “Need more?” He asked, throwing his hips forward roughly with a growl.

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Something special


    Jackson cries out as his face is forced into the surface, Scott’s weight pressing down on him, his length entering him in the process. Pleasure shook his body, hips instantly pushing back against Scott, lifting his face to let out a breathless laugh. “You like when I disobey you, and don’t even deny it.” He wiggles his ass, trying to get Scott to move, to gain some friction. “I’d be boring, otherwise.”

Scott wasn’t going to admit that he didn’t like it when Jackson disobeyed. He loved it. It left him hungry for Jackson without fail and Jackson never failed to give in at exactly the right moment to make his submission the sweetest. “There’s nothing boring about you. You know it.” He whispered against Jackson’s neck as his hips reeled back, using every bit of advantage gravity gave him to really drive home into his beta. His teeth sunk into Jackson’s neck as he thrust yet again, building a brutal rhythm that he hoped would Jackson satisfied and sore.

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Send me a @ and I'll generate an au from this list and make a starter

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Harrassment works both ways


Holding on to the headboard, Isaac watched as Scott teased him with his tongue and eyes. “Keep that up and you’ll get a raise,” he groaned, gasping as Scott finally took him into his mouth. “Fuck, that’s it. Use your tongue more.”

It was taking all of his willpower not to thrust blindly, he didn’t want to force Scott to take more than he could handle. Gripping the headboard tightly he settled for a slow rocking motion into the hotness that was his assistant’s mouth.

Scott’s tongue slid over Isaac’s length, his eyes staying locked on his boss’. He was right about one thing. Scott would be getting a raise, but it wasn’t going to be coming from Isaac. He hadn’t realized just how easy this would be. From here on out, he just needed to get Isaac off and he’d be in the clear.

His hands squeezed the taller man’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart and teasing his entrance with a finger as he accommodated Isaac’s movements. It wasn’t long before he was bobbing his head in rhythm with his employer’s hips, his tongue laving over the hard flesh eagerly.

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Harrassment works both ways


That was true, he was the boss, wasn’t he? He could ask anything of Scott but the real question was, would he accept? Well, with the way he was currently grinding against him— which felt great, might he add— it wasn’t hard to assume that Scott was more willing. He didn’t allow the kiss to deepen, instead choosing to push upwards and switch their positions.

"Well," he started, moving to literally straddle Scott’s neck. Not so much that he’d choke, but enough for what he wanted. “You can start by putting that mouth to better use.”

Scott grinned, running his hands over Isaac’s ass. “Yes, sir.” He muttered, leaning up and mouthing at his boss’ erection. He suckled at the base of it, staring up at the curly headed man hungrily. He licked his way up to the tip, grinning up at Isaac.

"You look so good from here." He whispered, sliding his tongue over the slit before kissing it softly. He finally pulled it into his mouth, wrapping his lips around the head and sucking on it as his tongue circled the sensitive flesh.

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