Scott McCall
Scott McCall. 17. Werewolf. Stiles' best friend. True alpha. I didn't ask for this. But it gives me a chance to help people. My pack is small, but we'll do whatever it takes to keep our home safe. I don't want you to get hurt.
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"No. I'm gonna be as far away from you as possible. I'm not your Beta, I'm not your anything." He takes a few steps back before he shakes his head, trying not to break. "Just-- go okay? Go be with your pack before you end up like Peter."

"I don’t have a pack. I can’t."

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They were so close it hurt, but every step JAckson tried to keep his distance. His hand lashed out to grab Jackson’s shirt as he snarled. “Of course I won’t!” He shot at the other man before he could rein himself back in. How could he be satisfied with somone else claiming to love Jackson? His Jackson. That’s what he’d always be to Scott. His.

 But Jackson wasn’t his. And as much as it pained him, he had to admit to himself eventually. JJust not today. He was already at rope’s end. He couldn’t lose Jackson over again or he’d lose himself as well. 

      When he was forced closer to Scott, he let out a soft whine, eyes straying away from the Alpha quickly. This was only confusing Jackson “Then what do you want from me? —Tell me what to do, Scott!” He pulled back just so he could hit the other’s chest, then shoulder, and then finally his face. “You keep telling me to do something, and then you tell me you don’t like it. What do you want!?” Please tell him, he’s tearing up and doesn’t want to cry in front of the other.

Scott growled as Jackson’s hands fell onto him, finally releasing his hold on the blond and taking a step back. “That when I was leaving.” He snapped. Even though he was irritated with the way that the other male was assaulting him, they were talking - touching. Some of the canine features fell away from his body, only his glowing eyes and claws remaining.

"It’s hard enough being here again." He admitted, eyes cast down in shame. It wasn’t like him to lose control. But he was lonely and he was scared and the only thing that was keeping him sane was slipping through his fingers.

But he could make himself be strong for Jackson. He had to. He a moment’s silence, his brow knitting together he considered what needed to be done. But he already knew. He had known from the beginning. The only answer was the one that he’d held to since the beginning. He could suffer for the one he loved.

"I don’t care what you do, Jackson." He muttered. It was a lie, and a bad one at that, but it would have to do. "Let him make you happy. Just get away from me before something happens." It was only a matter of time before his control got worse and he actually hurt someone. At least then Chris would have to put him down.

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       There was something in his throat that swelled, and it was almost big enough to cause Jackson to struggle for breath. He was angry, and frustrated, but the pain that settled in his body, it had grown larger everyday, and faster now that Scott was back in town. Trevor helped that pain, maybe not as much as he would have liked him to, but nonetheless, it was better. Better than being alone to sulk in his loneliness.

        When Scott took a step forward, Jackson takes a step back, trying to give them distance. Every time they were close, it was like a force of nature he couldn’t explain. He’d always want to move closer. “He makes me happy!” Not as happy as Scott had made him feel, but Jackson couldn’t bring himself to feel that good again. Ever. Because no one made him feel the way he did when he was with Scott, not even Lydia. “No matter who I get with, you’ll never be satisfied.” His eyes glossed over quickly. “You’ll never accept another person who loves me.”

They were so close it hurt, but every step JAckson tried to keep his distance. His hand lashed out to grab Jackson’s shirt as he snarled. “Of course I won’t!” He shot at the other man before he could rein himself back in. How could he be satisfied with somone else claiming to love Jackson? His Jackson. That’s what he’d always be to Scott. His.

 But Jackson wasn’t his. And as much as it pained him, he had to admit to himself eventually. JJust not today. He was already at rope’s end. He couldn’t lose Jackson over again or he’d lose himself as well. 

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       If Scott thought he was going to be able to hurt Jackson anymore than he already had, he was sadly mistaken. With one movement, he raised his arms and pressed his hands against the Alpha’s chest, pushing him back so they were no longer in each other’s space.

        “I don’t know— I wasn’t expecting anything.” Hell, he didn’t even know Scott was there, even though now he wished he would have sensed him earlier. Trevor had clouded his thoughts… his entire being. Probably one reason it wasn’t safe with him, but he’d never admit that to Scott. “He was trying to make me feel better, trying to tell me how much he wanted me, unlike some people who are too stupid and afraid to admit.”

         For once, his nails didn’t stretch, neither did any hair from his face. He remained himself, attempting to keep his control while Scott was dwindling on the last bit he had. “You told me to move on. That’s what I’m trying to do.” I’m trying to love him and not you goddammit.

Scott’s growl escalated in volume as he was pushed away from the other wolf. Jackson was lucky that he was Jackson or this wouldn’t be going as well as it was. His feelings for the slender wolf were bolstering what little control he had left.

Scott flushed as Jackson accused him, both in anger and in shame.

"I’ve never been afraid to admit it." He snapped, stepping forward again. "I told you to find someone to make you happy. Not someone to use you." Not someone to replace him so soon. he wasn’t really to let go, Wasn’t ready to stop loving.

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Derek’s eyes narrowed as he let out a deep growl at
Scott. Stupid wolf. Shaking it off, he walked down
the stairs, hoping with every step that Melissa was
already gone since he didn’t want that awkward
encounter. ‘No, I’m not doing anything to your son.’
                ‘Uh, no, your son is not doing anything
                to me either.’

Making it to the kitchen, Derek pulled out things to
make pancakes, eggs and bacon. This was going to
be an one time thing and he was not going to house
wife it up to Scott. Mixing up the batter and the eggs,
Derek was singing softly without even noticing he was
doing it. He liked to sing, which wasn’t something anyone
minus Peter and Cora really knew about him. He could
play piano too but that was another not well known thing.

                              Pouring batter into the pan, Derek
                              shifted over to get plates out and
                              mugs, starting the coffee pot too.
                  He really needed coffee if he was going to
                  get through all of this.

Placing the completed pancakes onto a plate, he poured
in some more batter and started the eggs and bacon. All
of it smelled so good already and he was starving. He also
wasn’t sure what Scott liked on his pancakes.
                 Not that he cared or anything. He really didn’t.

Scott smiled to himself at Derek’s grumpiness. Quickly, it was shifting from a mild nuisance to an endearing quality that just reminded him what Derek was suffering for his sake. He didn’t spend much time in the shower. He didn’t want to stay separated from the older man. He was glad that Derek was willing to make his breakfast, but he didn’t want to be ungrateful about it, either. He really did appreciate everything that the older wolf was doing for him. He’d be lost without the larger man to help him through everything. He listened to Derek sing as he dressed, that same enamored smile returning to his lips as he slipped downstairs quietly so that Derek wouldn’t be so aware of his approach that he’d stop singing.

He sidled up to Derek and rested his cheek on the other’s shoulder.

"Smells great. When can we eat?" He spoke softly, closing his eyes. He didn’t even want to move to eat. The scent of fresh breakfast to eat his rumbling stomach, the warmth and scent of the older man to set his soul at ease. It was everything that he needed in the world right now and he didn’t want it to change. It was everything he could do not to pull Derek against him entirely, to wrap those strong arms around him again and just hide from everything for a while longer.

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Happy Valentine’s


"Because you didn’t want to be here with me," Derek replied,
looking at Scott like that was plainly obvious and he shouldn’t
have needed to say it out loud. Camping was actually something
Derek really loved to do and he enjoyed being out in nature,
amongst the trees with the breeze running over his skin. It was
probably poetic — the way he enjoyed the outdoors and he would
never know if it was just something he liked or if it was because
of the wolf. Sometimes it was really hard to separate the two
since he didn’t know how it was to be without the wolf. He was
born this way and didn’t have any other way to judge things.

Moving around until he was floating on his back, kicking at
his feet, Derek looked over at Scott when he began to talk.
"You wouldn’t know Stiles was aware of anything with how
he flails around,” Derek remarked with a roll of his eyes.
"My dad wasn’t around much either," he offered, sensing
the change in Scott’s scent and able to piece enough of
it together. “When I was growing up. He’s around off and
on now. We are always told it’s because he’s off on some
mission and it’s to better the pack but ——” He trailed off
with a sigh, not really wanting to discuss anymore of this.

                “We haven’t killed each other yet. This is going
                 better than I expected it to.” Not that he considered
                 much about it or anything. That wasn’t what he
                 meant. He also didn’t want to think about what
                 would happen when this weekend came to a close.

        “Have you ever celebrated Valentine’s day before?”
         He didn’t know why he cared but his wolf felt a little
         jealous and how crazy was that?

"I didn’t want to be forced to do things with you." He corrected. He couldn’t say any longer that he didn’t want Derek in his life. Not that he’d never wanted Derek out of his life, exactly. But they butted heads frequently and it annoyed him. This, though, was changing his mind. He was finding himself longing for Derek the more time they spent together. He felt relaxed like this, with Derek close and their defenses mostly dropped. If this was the way that things were going to remain between them, then he could stop fighting so much against their mothers’ plot to have them married. Maybe he’d be okay with marrying the man drifting through water so close to him. And it wasn’t like he could complain about the physical aspects. Derek’s body, looking at it now as he floated along, the water lapping at the furrows between his perfectly sculpted abs, his facial hair accentuating strong facial features that plenty of people swooned over. Physically, there was nothing wrong with Derek. Nothing to complain about.

Previously, he would have argued against the same being said psychologically. But now? Everything about Derek was appealing to him. Derek understood him on a level that not many other people could.

Scott didn’t reply to Derek’s statement about his father, but he did moved closer, anchoring Derek him nearby with a hand resting lightly against his muscular chest. It felt good to finally be that close. He’d been itching for it since they arrived.

"I don’t hate you, Derek." He said, feeling as though it had to be made known. "I never have. I just hate that Talia’s forcing this on us."

His mind was clouded by Derek being this close. He couldn’t consider that this touch, this new intimacy was strange to them. It felt too natural, for once he didn’t feel like he was trying to control the “gift” that had been forced onto him only a handful of months ago. He felt peaceful.

A frown tugged his lips down and he shook his head. “No. I never have. I’ve never dated anyone before. Maybe a couple crushes, but that’s it. Before… this, there was a girl, though. Allison. I was trying to figure out how to ask her out before Talia broke the news.”

And strangely, he didn’t feel upset by the fact he wasn’t going to be asking her out as he was about never finding out if he was actually desirable without being forced into something.

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Another huffing laugh sounded as Isaac sidled closer to his mate, turning over on his side to wrap his arm around Scott’s waist, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Shower…in..five ten minutes?” Suggestion, that would most likely benefit the both of them. After all, they were a complete mess.

"Ten." He replied, pressing into Isaac and tangling his hands in his lover’s curls. "Not ready to move yet." He added, pulling Isaac back up to him and sharing a lazy kiss. He grinned as he the kiss broke and he pressed their foreheads together to look into Isaac’s eyes."I really hope I’m that good."

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"Listen to my heartbeat when I say this; It’s not a trick or a test or anything else like that." He turned his head and looked over at the Alpha. "I wouldn’t do that to you." He raised a brow and smirked at Scott. "Begging has nothing to do with being weak, it’s about getting what you want faster." He grinned and turned back to his paperwork.

Scott gave off a soft whine, shifting in his seat. “I hate you.” He lied, his arousal dense in the air around them. Finally, he dropped his pencil. His pants were painfully tight and images of Derek running through his mind were distracting him. He had to at least get a little taste. He was craving the older wolf. He gripped Derek’s thigh tightly as he leaned over and pressed their lips together, kissing him eagerly without being bothered to worry about anyone that might see them making out in the precinct.

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Night Shift


"Is that right?" He raised a brow slightly as he looked over at the Alpha. "I’m not sure it’s you that I’ve been looking for, but I could be wrong." He shrugged his shoulders and took a sip of his drink. "Eh, I’ve gotten used to it. It’s easy to forget your lonely when you’ve been lonely so long." 

"That sounds really sad, actually. Yup, you need me. You need someone, at least. And I’m the only one sitting here offering." He replied, a grin curling his lips. "It sounds like you could use the practice being around people if you’ve been avoiding humans for so long. Which is weird since you live in a city. Why didn’t you stay somewhere rural?"

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"True." He sighed. "What if I took you with me?"

Scott blushed, licking his lips to keep the grin away. “You’d want to take me to meet your family?”