Scott McCall
17. Alpha. Can't resist keeping people safe.
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           ”——- It’s just a scratch, no big deal.”

"It’s a big deal. A huge deal. What happened?"

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Good news?


[Text] You have a roommate? Who?
[Text] Because you couldn’t fucking stay with your own boyfriend and share rent here. [/Deleted]
[Text] Maybe I’ll drop by this weekend. My mom mentioned meeting up in LA for lunch.

[Text] Liam. We have a couple classes together too. He’s a really awesome guy.

[Text] That would be nice. Liam and I are going to a pool party Saturday. You could always come.

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Good news?


[Text] That’s great news.
[Text] So fucking thrilled. [/Deleted]

[Text] Moving into my new place. Pierce’s Green #808 in case you ever feel like visiting. I have a roommate, cheaper that way.

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Dinner plan’s



Peter arrived at two minutes till six. He parked his car and slipped out to smooth out a few of the wrinkles in his pants. He grinned as he strode over to the door and rapped on it. Waiting for the teen to answer. Scott was his. He had bitten him and made him what he was. He had a special connection to the teen that was nothing like the one he shared with Derek. Though Derek was family and blood Scott was his chosen Beta, Even if he was more than a beta now. 

Peter licked his lips as he waited till he heard the young man approaching the door. as it opened he had a smirk set on his lips. ” So are you ready for dinner? And do I need to have you home by a certain time my little one?” 

Scott pulled on a plaid button-up and a pair of slacks. Peter asked him to dress nicely and he’d do as he was told because that was what he did for Peter. He had a bond with Peter that he didn’t have with anyone else. Peter was his alpha even if he wasn’t an alpha anymore. It was a little confounded by the fact that he was also an alpha and he was pretty sure (or at least hopeful) that Peter considered Scott his alpha as well.

But Peter had chosen him in a way that none of the others had and he had made him into what he was today. He trotted down the stairs to the door, sliding it open with a grin on his lips.

"Ready." He replied, rolling his eyes at Peter and leaning up to kiss his cheek. "As much as I love you calling me pet names, it gets creepy when you treat me like a kid on top of it." He replied, closing the door behind him and locking it. "Mom just got off a double. She’s going to be asleep for a while and I’m pretty sure she realizes by now that I can handle myself." He replied, passing the older man to walk to his car.

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Good news?

[Scott] I got into UCLA. Guessing I’m not going to hear from Berkeley.

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    Jackson watches Scott, eyes narrowing the slightest as they followed his mate to the bedroom that they should be sharing. They should both be in that bathtub making more love and talking about their future. And for a minute, he imagined it, imagined the good and the bad and he wanted it all so bad.

     But it wasn’t right, not to Scott.

    Part of Jackson understood that, but most of him continued to spite his boyfriend for his choice. That was surely the last time he’d spend three hours writing a letter to the dean explaining why Scott McCall deserved to be at Berkeley [with actual evidence because god knows his father didn’t want it to be that easy]. Of course, the letter didn’t cover as much as Jackson should have, but there was only so much he could share about his beloved Alpha and all he had done for the world. But Scott was leaving so that information was suddenly irrelevant and Jackson’s selfishness quickly began to sink in all at once. Instead of leaving quietly like he would have, he rushed towards the door, opened it, then slammed it right behind him on the way out.

Scott took a shower, leaving his clothes behind and pulling on some of Jackson’s. At least they’d have a reminder of each other while he was gone. Maybe he just needed a few days to clear his head and things would feel better about this whole thing.

But part of him knew that it wouldn’t be the case. He didn’t feel like he’d be able to show his face at Berkeley, seeing all the people who got in on their merit alone and knowing that he was only there because Jackson wanted him close. He needed to do things for himself, and he wished that would have brought him home to Jackson, but he didn’t think it could now.

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AU: Liam is in love with Scott and can’t stand his relationship with Kira. Mason, his best friend, tries to help him out and give him advice, but Liam thinks alcohol can help him out better. After drinking too much Scott takes care of him, not understanding why Liam wanted to get drunk. Liam still can’t get over Scott and Kira and Scott tries to talk to him. Liam then decides to write his feelings for Scott down and gives the letter to Scott.

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That didn’t sound good


Isaac was on a pretty heavy adrenaline rush as the last goal went in. He was grinning as he took his helmet off. Really not expecting Scott to tackle him, he went down with a surprised yelp that was soon muffled with the Alpha’s lips. He chuckled softly into the kiss before really kissing Scott back. Of course he had to let go and did so reluctantly so they could cheer with the team and some of their friends. “I did good, right?” He asked once they were clear to head home or change first.

"Yeah, Isaac. You did really good." He replied, letting the rest of their team get the chance to rush Isaac for scoring the winning goal before he claimed Isaac’s arm and tugged him towards the locker room. "Let’s get cleaned up and I’ll give you your real reward, Isaac." He called to his beta, stripping out of his jersey and pads once they got to the locker room. "What do you want for dinner? You can have whatever you want tonight."

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"I need to do a lot more than better myself, if I wanna eat this..." As he takes a second bite, noah is a lot less shy about how much he enjoys the food. If this is the only time in his life he gets something like this, he should enjoy it to the fullest. "I need... Your job... To pay for this sorta thing" not that he'd be any good, or would want to. Having people look at you like that. Sometimes touch you. No.
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"You couldn’t handle my job. You’d end up in bad situations really fast." He replied with a smirk. "Plus you’d have to deal with me every time someone touched you. What you need is to find a really good alpha who’ll keep you fed in every way a little omega could possibly need."

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Jackson chuckled, his voice rough from sleep. "Pretty sure you're the good lookin' one right now." He pulled Scott closer, planting one kiss after another along Scott's neck.
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"You always look good." He replied with a grin, closing his eyes and tilting his head back.